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Tile Refinishing

Refinishing a tub or tile will save you upwards of 70% over replacement costs.
What many people don’t take into consideration with replacement is that the new tub or sink will usually not be the same size as the original tub so the flooring, plumbing and walls often need to be repaired or replaced as well.
When you choose to refinish a bathtub, sink or tile you also do not have the major hassles associated with a full remodel.
One or two days of work is usually all it takes to have your bathroom looking clean and updated.

Amazing  Tile Refinishing Charleston SC -before Amazing Tile Refinishing Charleston SC -after

Tile refinishing is the easiest way to move from a grungy wall to a new one!
Using special fillers, we repair cracks and holes.
Then we fill any missing grout with material designed specifically for the refinishing process.
Finally we prep the surface and apply the topcoat.
The complete process yields a moisture proof barrier for years of mold-free use.

In just a few hours, Amazing Bathtub Tile Refinishing Charleston SC can refinish your bathroom and kitchen tiles to match your décor. No ripping out old tiles.
We offer a wide range of colors including basic black and white as well as an array of pastels and eye-popping colors guaranteed to make visitors take notice.
We also offer a variety of faux-stone, environmentally-friendly finishes to transform your tiles and make your home the show-place you’ve always wanted it to be.

All Amazing Bathtub Tile Refinishing Charleston SC tile surfaces come with a 10-year guarantee!

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